Blackwell Insurance has been serving Florida since 1972FREQUETLY ASKED QUESTIONS FROM CONDO UNIT OWNERS – for a full detailed guide please refer to our Condominium Unit Owners Insurance Buyers Guide

Is Condo Unit Insurance Available in Florida? Yes – we have several companies that provide condo unit owners policies (HO6)

Is Condo Unit Owner Insurance Affordable in Florida? Yes – Price may be as low as a few hundred dollars for fire, wind, flood and personal liability

If the condominium association has insurance does it cover my unit for building coverage? We would recommend that you find out what insurance your association has. All associations are required to have a property appraisal completed every 36 months. Covering the peril of flood, the association is required to carry insurance on the entire building 100% (if the association purchases flood). The maximum national flood insurance will pay is $250,000 per unit for building coverage. There are additional limits available in the private insurance market. Fire & Wind perils have the association responsible for approximately 70% of the building coverage and the unit owner is responsible for the following building items:

  • Floor Coverings – carpet, tile, vinyl, wood in the individual unit
  • Ceiling Finishes – paint, sprayed finishes within the individual unit
  • Wall Finishes – paint wallpaper, or ceramic tile, mirrors within the individual unit
  • Electrical Fixtures – appliances, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, water heaters, bathroom fixtures
  • Built in Cabinets
  • Any built improvements or betterments

Insurance companies that write condo unit owners policies recommend dwelling/additions and alterations coverage AT LEAST A MINIMIUM OF $40 A SQUARE PER FOOT of condominium area

What can I do prior to a claim? – Call Blackwell Insurance (850) 769 2225 to determine that you have the proper coverage in force to cover your assets

What Documentation do I need in the event of a claim? Prior to incurring a claim take photos of the inside of your condominium unit, photos of your contents, list the contents, and save receipts on upgrades or purchases

What Should I do after a loss?– Take photos of damaged area, do what needs to be done within reason to mitigate further damage, save all receipts for temporary repairs and report your claim to Blackwell Insurance or directly to your insurance company.