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Does Condo Insurance Also Cover Your Pets?

Our pets are like family, so it makes sense to have coverage if they come down with an ailment while living under our roof. Technically, these insurance policies cover personal property. The insurance company will cover whatever is in your homes, such as furniture and electronics. There is a catch, as it does not always extend to pets. You may be responsible for some extra fees if you want to protect your furry friends from many types of risks.

While many pet owners purchase insurance to cover their pets in case of illness, injury, or emergency, in instances where your pet causes damage to others, homeowner’s insurance comes in. it offers liability protection for those situations that seem unimaginable until they happen. Some condos require that dogs be on leashes or confined to the yard during certain times of the day and week. To get a mortgage loan, you must prove that your pet is adequately trained and not considered a liability to others on the premises.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Exclude Any Pets from Coverage?

Some companies may require additional coverage if your pet requires daily medication, has a history of biting people, or has a high risk of contracting particular illnesses. It is essential to know that all pet owners should have liability insurance for their pets if there is an accident or injury.

Some pets are considered too much of a risk to offer coverage for if they cause damage to your home or another person. These types of policies are usually labeled exclusion policies. Most insurance companies consider a pet to be either a cat or dog. Your insurance company may not cover certain breeds of both dogs and cats if they are deemed dangerous. Dog breeds often ineligible for homeowner’s insurance include:

  • German shepherd
  • Akita
  • Alaskan malamute
  • Doberman pinscher
  • Great dane
  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • Mastiff
  • Pit Bull terrier
  • Presa canario
  • Rottweiler
  • Siberian husky
  • Wolf hybrid

Home Insurance for Exotic Animals

Ensure that your insurance policy covers your animal if you have an exotic pet. For instance, insurance covers your house for damage caused by a dog, but it does not cover a snake. Exotic pets can also be considered a liability to the condo owners if they are not adequately trained and are uncontrollable. The value of these pets and their singular risk profiles makes them less insurable. Some of these animals include:

  • Large cats
  • Certain snakes
  • Certain reptiles
  • Monkeys
  • Amphibians

When and How Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Pets?

Home insurance policies are different from one company to the next. You can ask your insurance agent what type of coverage you might have when safeguarding your pet. If you have a certain dog breed, you should ensure no exclusion from the policy before buying it.

Standard homeowner’s policies provide liability coverage for pets in the following ways:

  • Property damage liability: This covers damages your pet causes to a neighbor’s property.
  • Bodily injury liability: This covers medical expenses relating to an injury caused by your pet to someone else.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover pets in the following ways:

  • Property damage: This does not cover damages your pet causes to your property. For example, if your dog chewed your cellphone or your cat knocks an antique lamp off the mantle, the insurance company will not replace it.
  • Veterinarian visits: Homeowner’s insurance does not cover the cost of a vet visit. As the pet owner, you are entirely responsible for medical expenses related to your pet.

What To Do If You’re Denied Coverage Because Of Your Pet

If you are denied coverage or are informed that your pet has an exclusion clause, you must take steps to resolve the issue and get your pet covered again. These tips can help you repair your pet insurance policy:

  • Get a new policy: You may be able to find another insurance company that does offer coverage for pets with the same risk exposure.
  • Purchase additional coverage: Since your pet is considered a dangerous animal or an exotic one, you can ask about pet liability coverage options. It will come with higher premiums but will offer protection for your pet.
  • Get additional dog training: You can enroll your dog in a behavior training program that puts it on a leash and teaches it not to bite others or escape its collar. Many insurance companies will reinstate your policy if you can prove that you took your dog to classes that modified its behavior.


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