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Does Condo Insurance Cover Pets Too?

A condo refers to a stack of units in a building owned by one owner responsible for all maintenance and upkeep. This varies from a leasehold, a deed to which the owner grants the tenant rights to occupy it on certain conditions and rent it back to the owner at will.

Your condominium insurance covers your home’s damages in case of fire or other disaster-related damage. Let’s find out whether this insurance cover pets.

What Is Condominium Insurance?

Condominium insurance shields against loss and damage to your unit, personal possessions, and liability in a fire, flood, and other disasters. This protection also extends to your neighbors’ property if you happen to cause damage to it.

Nowadays, condominium insurance is mandatory for condo owners and people who rent apartment units.

The cost of this insurance in Florida varies from one carrier to another depending on your property’s location, the number of floors in your building, and other factors. Condominium insurance is a big help as it makes sure that if you lose your furniture or other belongings due to unforeseen circumstances such as burglary, flood, or fire, you will be able to replace them at no additional cost.

Does Condominium Insurance Cover Pets?

Many condo owners mistakenly believe that their condo policy does not cover pet costs. But this is not true as various items are covered under the condominium insurance policy, including liability caused by your pets. For instance, if your dog bites any visitor, condo liability insurance pays for the medical bills and other costs that result from this incident. Your policy may provide limited coverage to your pets and require a separate policy purchase.

Condominium Insurance Limits

The condo insurance limits in Florida are different from one insurer to another and are dependent on the value of possessions in your unit. They often include personal property and liability coverage. In addition, sometimes, your policy may cover you in the event of a fire or flood and will make the rest of your belongings safe.

Why You Should Have Pets Insured

Most homeowners have a very close relationship with their pets, and they believe them to be their best friends. But the truth is that dogs, cats, and other pets can cause a lot of damage to your unit if they sneak out of their cages or if you leave them unattended for long. This is especially true if one or more of your pets are unruly.

Should You Get a Separate Pet Insurance?

The answer to this depends on many factors, including the cost of the condominium insurance and whether you want to add further protection. If your insurance covers you in the event of a pet’s injury or death, then getting additional coverage is not recommended. Condominium insurance will cover the needed medical expenses.

Condominium insurance was developed as a form of coverage for single-family homes. However, these days condos are built so that they are susceptible to damage due to natural disasters beyond human control. Hurricanes and floods are natural disasters, so it is necessary to protect your home.

It is important to understand that this insurance aims to protect you against damage caused by natural disasters. The coverage must cover all your possessions and unattended items. The condo insurance can help you replace important furniture and other belongings at no additional cost. Contact our agents today to get a policy that matches your needs.