HO-6 Insurance

Condo and co-op owners require a different insurance policy that protects their property against damages. You can’t use traditional homeowners insurance to provide effective coverage. A special policy is created that covers these property owners. HO-6 insurance protects against liability to your unit.

The Condo Owners Association (COA) has insurance that covers all of the common areas such as the swimming pool, recreation center, hallways,  shared land and entire structure of your building. You are responsible for providing coverage to protect against damage to your unit. HO-6 is the solution that allows you to get the coverage you need in these situations.

Ho-6 Insurance

What is HO-6 Insurance?

HO-6 insurance is coverage that is purchased directly by co-op and condominium owners. You own the property and need special coverage that deals with the possible situations you face such as theft, vandalism, and damages. HO-6 coverage gives you total indemnity in these types of situations.

We provide comprehensive HO-6 and condo insurance for all of South Florida. We are the experts in getting you the best coverage and affordable premiums. All of the carriers we use have an A+ rating and are the best in the business.

What does HO-6 Insurance in South Florida Cover?

An HO-6 policy gives you coverage that protects your unit. Some of the different things that these policies protect against include

  • Dwelling Coverage: Dwelling coverage protects you against storms, vandalism, smoke, fire damage, and plumbing issues (like a bursting pipe). You never have to worry about experiencing a total loss in these situations with this feature.
  • Personal Property Protection: This feature covers your personal items that are of value to you inside the unit including clothing, electronics, jewelry, and furniture.
  • Liability and Medical Expenses: If a guest visiting you is injured or experiences property damage, this provision covers their medical expenses and replacement costs.
  • Assessment Coverage: Sometimes, the HOA’s policy will require additional costs shared by you and not the organization. Situations like this are when the HO-6 insurance gives you that extra protection against these expenses.
  • Extra Living Expenses: If you are not able to live in your unit because of covered damages, an HO-6 policy helps you find other accommodations and lodging.

HO-6 insurance in South Florida gives you that extra protection for your unit. You have the peace of mind in knowing that you are protected against damages and possible incidents that occur on your property.

Our team understands that everyone has different insurance needs. Our Florida Condo Insurance Agents will do all of the shopping for you. We create custom policies that are tailored to you and give you the best insurance coverage for your unit.

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Owning a condo or co-op requires special coverage that is different from other properties. Florida Condo Insurance gives you total solutions that are customized for you. We are the specialists that will help you to find the best coverage and get the most for your money. No one knows more about HO-6 insurance than our Florida Condo Insurance Agents. Call us today at 888-910-1350 and see how we can make all the difference for you.

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