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Why Is HO3 the Most Popular Homeowners Insurance Policy?

People often purchase HO3 insurance because it isn’t overly expensive and offers quality coverage. This type of insurance will protect homeowners from most types of damage. It offers good coverage if someone has a physical accident in your home. It is reliable insurance for areas at risk for hurricanes and flooding. ZK & Associates provides competitive insurance rates for homeowners in South Florida. You will find many quality options from several carriers when you work with us.

Quality Homeowners Insurance in South Florida for Your Townhouse

Townhouses are all over Florida. Some townhouse developments have an HOA. Many people don’t know how many benefits an HO3 policy will add to any benefits they get from the HOA.

Townhouse owners with an HOA who also purchase an HO3 policy get coverage for their individual townhouse. The HOA covers common areas and any incidences that occur in them. People who are using the pools, parks, playgrounds, and any recreation areas can use HOA coverage if there is an incident. The HOA covers flooding, fire, and theft damage to these common areas. But the HOA does not cover damage and liability for each townhome.

What Does the Policy Cover?

HO3 insurance protects you in the event that a guest injures themselves at your house. It also covers theft and damages. The damages can be from a break-in attempt, flooding, fire, smoke, or natural disaster. There is additional fire and smoke damage coverage for belongings in your home that are damaged or destroyed by fire.

Preventing a Total Loss

HO3 policies keep you from losing the value of your home and belongings. Whether the incident is a break-in or a very destructive flood, you can recover with an HO3 policy. This type of insurance works for nearly everyone. You can use it whether you own a townhome with an HOA or a single-family home.

Peace of Mind and Reduced Liability

ZK & Associates works with all major carriers who offer coverage in Florida. We always recommend that our clients carry an HO3 policy. It is one of the best ways to gain peace of mind as you live in your single-family home, townhome, or condominium. This type of insurance covers much more than a basic insurance policy.

Most people have a basic insurance policy when they move in to a new home. It does not usually offer insurance for structural damage or liability insurance for visitors. Adding more coverage with an HO3 policy is strongly recommended. Staying prepared is best. You cannot predict floods, other people’s accidents that may lead to fire, or physical accidents that guests may have.

Expert Industry Knowledge

ZK & Associates has worked with carriers who have an A+ rating for over 10 years. We offer in-depth industry expertise that will help you get the best coverage. Our agents ensure that you get a customized policy that protects your investments. Contact ZK & Associates today to get your quote.